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A key features of our OCB.Poker Platform is security, scalable and fully customized poker solution. The platform for the successful growing your online poker business.

Client application

  • Full custimization - we can create you own unique style
  • User-friendly interface
  • Desktop (Windows, MacOS)
  • Mobile (iOS, Windows Phone, Android)
  • Web-version

General features

  • Affiliate and referral system
  • Full integration into projects of any scale
  • Powerfull API
  • Texas Hold'em poker
  • Fixed Limit, Pot Limit and No-Limit
  • Real-money or Play-money(chips)
  • Ability to integrate any payment system
  • Robotic players (bots) different levels of skills
  • Heads-Up, Private, Single table, Multi table, Sit-and-Go, Scheduled, Satellite, Shootout tournaments
  • Private tournaments and tables. Protect you game by password.
  • Anonymous gameplay
  • Real-time chat
  • Players personalization of the environment: avatar, table, etc
  • Multi-language - we can integrate unlimited number of languages
  • Automatic client upgrade
  • Have an idea of your kind of poker? We will make You to develop games according to Your rules.

Administrative features

  • Administrative interface
  • Permission management
  • Tournaments and table management
  • Statistic system
  • Players statistics
  • Payment history report
  • Hands history
  • Affilate and Referal reports
  • Configurable Rake rules with facility of % of pot, or fixed based

Another features

  • Ability to create an unlimited network of agents
  • Possibility of building a project for Your needs, the classic work with online payments or build club project.
  • Possibility of constructing learning poker open rules, construction of its logic.